Recording calls

(This text applies to the Samres Holding Group)

Recording Phone Calls – GENERAL

Recording of telephone calls in SAMRES is done to:

  • follow our agreement with clients (certain assignments),
  • ensure our quality,
  • develop routines and training materials,
  • investigate incidents or wrong bookings in certain specific cases

Rules in the form of policy and agreements with clients regulate how this is handled in detail.

Our rules are intended to set guidelines and create clarity regarding:

  • to ensure the personal integrity of our employees and customers
  • who has the right to listen to recorded conversations
  • for which purpose listening of recorded calls takes place
  • who reports back to the employee whose phone call has been listened to and why
    so happened
  • the division of responsibilities in the implementation and follow-up of the regulations

General regulations
Our policy applies to all employees within the company. All calls are recorded, but some extensions and direct numbers are filtered out and thus not saved, this may also apply to some special queues. The calls are normally saved for eight (8) weeks.

Alternative contact channels
For those calling Samres who do not wish to have their calls recorded, there is an alternative number you can call.

In some cases, the caller may be diverted or called if the person answering the call does not have the correct skills for the call in question.

The telephone number that applies is 0270-245831.
Please state which region / area the call applies to and which matter the call applies to, eg booking a trip, cancellation of a trip, regular trips, etc.